maandag 4 juni 2012

Waarom zijn er geen Arabische/Palestijnse vredesbewegingen?

Khaled Abu Toameh heeft een valide punt wanneer hij zich afvraagt:
Has anyone ever heard of an Arab or Palestinian "Peace Now" group? Palestinians have been radicalized to a point where it is virtually impossible to talk about peace and coexistence. Peace activists, human rights advocates, moderates, journalists and reformers have almost no say and are often denounced as "traitors" and a "fifth column."
In Israël zijn er veel NGO's en andere activistische groepen die oproepen tot vrede met de Palestijnen:
Some even go as far as calling on the Israeli government to comply with 100% of the Palestinians' demands by fully withdrawing to the pre-1967 lines.

Many of these organizations and parties have also been active in launching protests against Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories, especially the construction of the security barrier and new houses in settlements.

Israeli human rights groups and other organizations are usually the first to condemn the Israel Defense Forces or the government when something with the Palestinians goes wrong. Some Israelis have decided to expand their protest by participating in Palestinian street demonstrations against the Israeli Defense Forces in the West Bank or the Police in east Jerusalem.
Dat is dus Israël. De neefjes aan de andere kant hullen zich echter in een drukkend stilzwijgen, of noemen iedere normalisatie met Israël verraad. Het artikel "Wat een NSB'ers zijn sommige Palestijnen toch" geeft een aardig inzicht hoe de Palestijnse Autoriteit omgaat met Palestijnen die het wagen met Israëliërs te mixen:
Can anyone in the Palestinian territories or the Arab world form a party that advocates peace, coexistence and harmony with Israel? On the contrary, the only voices that are being heard among Palestinians and other Arabs are those who seek to boycott and delegitimize Israel.
Any Palestinian or Arab who dares to talk to Israelis or visit Israel is accused of being a traitor for promoting "normalization" with the "Zionist enemy."

De rest van het artikel van de Israëlisch-Arabische journalist Khaled Abu Toameh vindt u >>>hier<<<