zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 9 juni 1948

foto: Life
JUNE 9th Left for Amman with Mr. E. Hadawi and his two children. Mr. Hadawi took his car down in the early morning, before the crowds were in the streets, by devious ways through the Old City to the Austrian Hospice. He constructed sloping wooden blocks for the purpose of negotiating steps which were encountered on various parts of the route. With a pass from an Arab Legion official in Jerusalem we had no difficulty en route or in crossing the Allenby Bridge. Mr. Hadawi stayed with his sister in Amman and I spent the night with the Rev. and Mrs. Du Haume. We stopped at the C.M.S. Hospital in Salt on the way, where we had lunch with Dr. and Mrs. Hargreaves and where I returned on the following day and was put up for a couple of nights. One reason for this journey was to find if any accommodation could be found in Salt or Amman where people from the Hostel could go and get a break from the strain of Jerusalem. We found that both towns were overcrowded, but the Matron of the C.M.S. Hospital in Salt kindly said she could accommodate one or two persons in the Hospital if necessary.