donderdag 10 mei 2012

Vice-premier Meridor: stop met ongebreidelde bouw nederzettingen

Likoed-minister voor inlichtingendiensten en atoomzaken, tevens vice-premier van Israël Dan Meridor is tegen de ongebreidelde bouwdrift van nederzettingen in de Westelijke Jordaanoever.

Deputy PM Meridor calls for building freeze beyond security barrier and settlement blocs 

Even if we don’t have an agreement with the Palestinians, says senior Likud minister, we need to have a rational policy 


Meridor vertaalt in het artikel exact mijn gevoelens over de nederzettingen:

In an acknowledged stark departure from government policy, and a remarkable one for so senior a minister, Meridor said the current relative calm in relations with the Palestinians, and the sharp decline in terrorism, might be producing “an illusion” among Israelis “that this is sustainable in the long term. It is not. It is an anomaly. We need to change it.”

This should be done, he said in an extensive interview, by freezing further settlement “across the line of the blocs or the fence or whatever you call it.”

Meridor, a veteran Likud leader who is also the minister responsible for Intelligence and Atomic Energy, made clear that he was not advocating a full settlement freeze everywhere beyond the pre-1967 “Green Line.”

“Don’t freeze it in Jerusalem or Ma’aleh Adumim or other places like this,” he said in the interview, conducted at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. “But don’t build all over the place, because this is the most damaging of all the things that we are doing to ourselves in the world. Because people say: ‘You offer the Palestinians a state. But if you build there in every place, you don’t really mean it.’”
 Gezond verstand en realiteitszin. Niets aan de woorden van Meridor toe te voegen.