vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Medeplichtige moord Rabin op vrije voeten

Foto: WP
Met een V-teken verliet de terrorist Hagai Amir vrijdag na 16 jaar de Israëlische gevangenis. De medeplichtige op de moord van Yitzhak Rabin toonde geen spijt of berouw over zijn aandeel in de terroristische moordaanslag op de Israëlische minister-president.

De meeste Israëliërs zijn ziek van de beelden en ziek van het extremisme van Amir:

Van Mertez (links) tot kolonisten (rechts) zijn er geluiden van sterke afkeuring aan het adres van Amir die verklaarde:

Hagai Amir has never expressed remorse for aiding in the 1995 murder that shocked the nation. This week, Channel 2 news reported, he told his lawyer that he felt he had “done the right thing,” and that that he had “saved Jewish lives” by effectively derailing the peace process with Rabin’s murder.
Deze verklaring is een klap in het gezicht van sommige kolonisten die geloven dat alles een samenzwering tegen de kolonistenbeweging was:
Noam Federman, a right-wing activists clashed with the left-wing protesters. “The man deserves to be freed, he deserves to be congratulated. Hagai Amir did not do anything. The State of Israel could not believe that Yigal Amir acted alone, and sought to find for an underground organization.
Hagai did not do antying, he did not even know that there was a plot to kill the Prime Minister,” said Federman. According to Federman, “Rabin caused the deaths of thousands of Jews. I do not support murder, but even today, I’m not shedding any tears for him [Rabin]. We will greet him [Amir] warmly, and throw him a party.”
Opperrabbijn Metzger steekt zijn afkeuring voor Amir niet onder stoelen of banken:
Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger on Friday condemned Hagai Amir for his reaction upon his release from prison, particularly Amir's lack of remorse for his involvement in the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. Metzger said, "To be proud of participation in the murder [of Rabin] is an embarrassment, a disgrace and chutzpah. It seems that sixteen and a half years was not enough time for him to learn his lesson."
De kleindochter van Rabin, Noa meldt:
Rabin’s granddaughter Noa, who as a teenager delivered a moving eulogy at his funeral, wrote on her Facebook wall on Thursday that Amir’s scheduled release from prison “burns” and “is insulting to the point of suffocation.” However, she added, “Hagai Amir is leaving prison. That’s the way it is in a democracy.”

Een interessant commentaar komt van Shelly Yacimovich:
Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich also reacted to Amir's release with "nausea and disgust." His lack of remorse, the "V" sign he held up, and the victory celebrations that await him, "suggest that the seeds of violent extremism that challenges Israeli democracy, still lie concealed among us, and still threaten Israeli society," Yacimovich stated.
"We denounce the murderous brothers, and in joint efforts in the struggle for democracy... we will defeat them, and those like them," she continued. "Today we salute Yitzhak Rabin and his legacy. His legacy that knew how to combine peace, security, a deep concern for Israeli society, and an endless contribution to it."
Interessant in het licht van de uitspraak van voormalig chef van de ISA, Yuval Liskin die verklaarde:

"The Rabin assassination can repeat itself. There are extremist Jews within the Green Line as well, not only in the territories. It's an optical illusion that they're all in the territories," Diskin said.

The former top security official said that these extremists arrive "in settlement evacuation situations," adding that evacuations in the West Bank would be "much more difficult" than in Gaza.

"There are dozens willing to use firearms against their Jewish brothers in such a situation," Diskin said.

The former Shin Bet chief referred to comments made by Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin on the eve of Independence Day, warning against extremism from both sides of the political map.

Speaking of Rivlin's comments, Diskin said that, while there's fanaticism on the right and on the left, there are clear differences between the two.

"The difference is simply that, usually, the right-wing fanaticism is much more violent than that of the left-wing. It's a fact. In the vast majority of cases it’s a very prominent difference. And I'm not talking about which is more harmful; they're both harmful, whether from the right or left," he said.