donderdag 31 mei 2012

Israël's geheime project om de wereld olieonafhankelijk te maken

In Israël is een stille revolutie gaande op het gebied van elektrische auto's. Ondernemer Shai Agassi is begonnen zijn droom van electrische auto's in Israël te bewerkstelligen.

Foxnews schrijft daarover het volgende:

After more than $400 million in outlays and months behind schedule, dozens of electric cars have hit the road in Israel, the test site Agassi chose for his Better Place venture. Four stations where the cars can get a new dose of juice when their batteries run out are operating, and the plan is to ramp that number up within months.
The concept: to wean the world from oil and eliminate the biggest hurdles to environmentally friendly electric cars -- high cost and limited range.
To do this, Better Place has jettisoned the fixed battery. Instead, drivers can swap their depleted batteries for fully charged ones at a network of stations, receiving a full, 100-mile range in five minutes.
Better Place owns the batteries, bringing down the purchase price of the cars using the network.
De gebrekkige actieradius is voor velen een negatief punt van de elektrische auto, maar ook daar is Israël mee bezig om dat probleem op te lossen, dat is de echte revolutie die gaat plaatsvinden.

NOcamels bericht:

Quietly and with little media coverage, it seems that Israel has made it its national goal to develop a battery that can provide enough power for a 500 kilometer-drive with a single charge.

One month ago, the Israeli National Center for Electrochemical Propulsion was founded. The center will be inaugurated within the next weeks and will receive a budget of 45 million NIS (approximately $11.7 million) for the next four years.

The center will include one hundred researchers divided into 12 teams from four academic institutions: Tel Aviv University, The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Bar Ilan University and Ariel University Center of Samaria.

The center’s sole purpose will be to research and develop new technologies to more effectively store electricity.
De olielanden zullen niet blij zijn met deze ontwikkeling, dus me kunnen binnenkort vast ergens lezen dat elektricteit een Zionistische samenzwering is.