woensdag 16 mei 2012

Ierse schrijvers gedwongen Israël te boycotten

Intimidatie, intimidatie en intimidatie dat zijn de ingrediënten van de pro-Palestijnse groepen om mensen te dwingen anti-Israël te zijn.

Volgens Haaretz (Haaretz zit achter een slotje, dus dieplinken is niet meer mogelijk):
Irish writer Gerard Donovan has attacked the pro-Palestinian boycott movement for trying to "bully" him to abstain from visiting Israel and take part in the International Writers Festival in Jerusalem this week. Donovan, a prominent novelist and poet, accused the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) of "outright intimidation."

Over the last few weeks, Donovan has been the focus of a campaign by pro-Palestinian activists to observe a pledge to boycott Israel, signed in 2010 by 219 Irish artists, and not to legitimize Israel's occupation of the West Bank by participating in the writers' festival. Open letters and petitions were addressed to him over the internet but Donovan, who is currently living in a cabin in New York and recovering from cancer, said in an interview with the Irish Times that he was unaware of the letters. He explained that he had cancelled his visit two months ago due to his ill health and that the activists were "idiots" for targeting him.
 Een typische en walgelijke werkwijze van extremisten.

Last week, two Irish bands cancelled concerts in Israel due to pressure from the boycott movement. Cathy Jordan, the leader of Dervish, one of the bands, apologized for the cancellation saying that I wasn’t quite prepared for the extent of the venom directed at us." Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter accused the activists of "cyberbullying."

Israeli diplomats have said recently that "Ireland has become one of the top three countries in Europe in the terms of anti-Israel hostility. Any Irish group that travels to Israel is subject to an avalanche of hatred and it is almost impossible to organize Israeli cultural events here."

Uri Dromi, the manger of Mishkenot Sha'ananim that hosts the festival said that "there is an increasing feeling of cultural siege and despite our success in attracting major writers, some of them, particularly from Britain, have come under huge pressure not to participate.
 Het linkse tuig zal wel trots op zichzelf zijn. Linkse nazi's zijn het, niets meer en niets minder.