donderdag 24 mei 2012

Doel van vertaling Talmoed in het Arabisch is antisemitisme

De vertaling van de Talmoed in het Arabisch was niet om een brug te slaan tussen religies. Nee, het doel is om het Islamitische antisemitische denken verder aan te wakkeren.

De heersende site the elder of ziyon (dus niet de elders of zion)meldt het volgende:

A newly released Arabic translation of the Talmud – the first of its kind – contains an introduction that seeks to revive age-old anti-Semitic conspiracies about the Talmud, including the accusation that the ancient text reveals the racist character of the Jewish people. The introduction also attempts to paint Israel as the modern-day embodiment of the alleged racist ideologies found in the Talmud.

The translation, which was published by the Middle East Studies Center (MESC), a Jordan-based think tank, specifically couples anti-Semitic narratives with anti-Israel propaganda: “The discrimination which Arabs in Israel face is an extension of the racist spirit included in many Talmud texts and explanations.” 

Arabische antisemitische lutsers altijd min veel.