maandag 28 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 28 mei 1948

Etnische zuivering van Joden door Arabieren Jeruzalem 1948
MAY 28th Visited sick in the Austrian Hospice, which is the main Arab Hospital in the Old City in the morning. Called at Muristan, (German Protestant Church) on the way back to Christ Church, and climbed the tower and viewed the wreckage and scene of devastation in the Jewish Quarter.

The Jews in the Old City, including between 1,000-2,000 civilians and about 600 armed men (Haganah and I.Z.L.) finally surrendered in the afternoon. We saw two batches of 115 each of the civilian population, including many old Orthodox Jews, filing into the Kishleh barracks adjoining the Citadel.

A very heavy and concentrated attack was made by the Jews on the Old City from the Damascus and Zion Gates. The attack began about 9 p.m. and lasted for about two hours.

A number of Jewish dead were reported lying outside the Jaffa Gate and in various other parts of no-man’s-land for periods of anything up to a week.

As fighting becomes more bitter and drawn out, an oppressive atmosphere of evil and hate seems to be creeping over Jerusalem. Are we hastening towards the doom of this once beautiful city?

With the surrender of the Jews in the Old City it has been possible to go into the playground at the back of the Compound, where a number of shells, mortars and bullets were picked up. Had a game of tennis with Edward Hadawi in the evening.