woensdag 23 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 23 mei 1948

New Gate  1948
MAY 23rd The American Consul and his companion both died of their wounds and were buried in a convent next door to the Consulate on Monday by Ronald Adeney. It was not possible for the American Chaplain, Dr. Klein, to get from the Cathedral into the Jewish area to perform the ceremony. Quite a number of people who have been killed in Jerusalem have had to be buried at the nearest convenient spot, since, with incessant and widespread shooting all over the town, it has been impossible to bring the bodies to the appropriate burial places. Some Christian Arabs, for instance, killed by a mortar near Herod’s gate, were buried in a Moslem cemetery nearby.

Picked up a piece of a shell from the Parsonage roof which had burst and perforated two water tanks on the roof.

Another unsuccessful attempt was made by the Haganah to storm the Jaffa Gate and relieve the Jews in the Old City. A terrific battle was fought between the Haganah and the Arab Legion for the possession of the Notre Dame building which is outside the City wall near the New Gate.

A high-tension cable which was cut near the Jaffa Gate more than a week ago was repaired and electricity restored to the Old City on Sunday evening.