dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 22 mei 1948

MAY 22nd According to the Arab broadcast, the Jews sent out a relief column of armoured cars etc. from Tel Aviv for Jerusalem, which was attacked and destroyed by the Arab Legion at Bab-el-Wad.

The Jewish settlements of Talpioth, Mikor Haim and Ramat Rachel, lying to the south of Jerusalem, reported to be besieged.

A severe shortage of water, fuel, and food reported to be developing in the Jewish area of new Jerusalem.

‘Phoned Ronold Adeney who said that all was well and that the British Consul had told him that he had protested to the Arab Legion against the shelling of the Hospital premises.

More pieces of shell and several bullets picked up in the Compound. A quieter day as far as the Compound was concerned.

Arab Legion reported to be trying to smoke out the Haganah who had entered underground channels in the Old City.

A barber came to Christ Church in the afternoon and did a number of haircuts.

The American Consul, a member of the Truce Commission, was severely wounded after leaving the French Consulate where he had held a meeting with other members of the Truce Commission. He was taken, together with another member of the Consulate who was also severely wounded, to our Hospital, which is now being staffed and run by the Hadassah.