zondag 20 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 20 mei 1948

MAY 20th A very heavy “missile” exploded in the air and remains of the “drum” (home-made) fell on the Kindergarten roof in the early morning.

Bits of the drum were also picked up in the Parsonage garden. A twopounder was picked up in the morning in the Church garden.

A somewhat quieter day with the Arab Legion gradually edging into the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.

Went down to the Austrian Hospice near the Damascus Gate, now the main Arab Hospital in Jerusalem, with Messrs. S. and E. Hadawi. Found the Hospital over-crowded with wounded and short of doctors and equipment. Another very heavy explosion in the evening in the neighbourhood of the Citadel.

Put clocks on one hour in order to save burning oil lamps as much as possible in the evening.

Heavy firing and explosions started about midnight and went on for some considerable time, mainly from the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.