zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 19 mei 1948

MAY 19th Arab Legion replaced Arab irregulars in the Citadel and in the Old City.

A mortar exploded at the top of David Street. I was taken into the Citadel and saw a large home-made “shell” about 2’6” which fell but failed to explode in the Kishleh barracks next to the Citadel.

‘Phoned the British Embassy and asked them if they could again kindly transmit a message to our Headquarters through the Foreign Office that all C.M.J. staff in Jerusalem were safe and well. I was also informed by the Embassy that several shells had crashed on St. George’s, one through the nave of the Cathedral, one into the bedroom and a third on a garage and partially destroyed the Bishop’s car

‘Phoned Ronald Adeney, also Clark Kerr at the Scottish Hospice, was alone except for a couple of Arab servants and in a very exposed position. He had had a lot of stuff falling around him and many bullets striking the premises but so far he had been unmolested by either party.

‘Phoned Mr. and Mrs. Loebel and read out to them a letter from their son who had left with the evacuated party of Hebrew Christians on the “Georgie”. The letter, posted in Malta, had come to us via Amman and St. George’s Cathedral from where it had been brought by devious routes through the Old City by the Bishop’s gardener.

Picked up more pieces of shell and bullets in the Compound.