vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Dagboek 1948: een staat wordt geboren 18 mei 1948

MAY 18th A mortar burst in the playground at 10 a.m. Flying fragments struck the doors leading from the Compound into the playground, snapped one of the broadcasting wires leading to the Church, chipped bits out of the Church wall and blew in a few more windows in the south transept. A building in the Armenian Compound was struck by a heavy shell and partly demolished, causing a number of casualties in killed and wounded. One Armenian came over and begged me to get in touch by ‘phone (none of their ‘phones were working) with a Red Cross delegate and ask if representations could be made to Jews and Arabs to avoid shelling the crowded Armenian Compound. I ‘phoned one of the Red Cross delegates’ secretaries and also passed a message on to the Bishop through the British Embassy (the Cathedral ‘phones were also out of order) to contact members of the Truce Commission.

On discovering jagged pieces of shell in the Compound we decided to sandbag the windows of the Hostel lounge where most of the members of the Compound had taken to passing the night.

Considerable Arab reinforcements of regular troops, including Arab Legion, came into the Old City during the day.

I spoke to Ronald Adeney over the ‘phone and he reported that all was well apart from a shell striking Cadbury Ward and causing superficial damage.

During the day the Jews extended their hold over the whole of Mt. Zion outside the City Wall by occupying Bishop Gobat School and also the buildings outside the Zion Gate, from where they launched their second determined attack upon the Old City. They were reported to have reached the Zion Gate but to have then been thrown back.