zondag 29 april 2012

Zionistsche Arabieren in Israël

In het democratische Israël (door domlinks, dat is wat anders dan links overigens, een apartheidsstaat genoemd) hebben Arabische partijen zitting in de Knesset. Deze Arabische partijen voeren over het algemeen een anti-Israël agenda en dat kunnen zijn vrijelijk doen, wat weer aangeeft hoe dom domlinks is met hun apartheidsretoriek.

Veel Israëlische Arabieren kunnen zich niet vinden in de anti-Israël retoriek van de zittende Arabische partijen. De 36 jarige Sarhan Bader heeft daarom besloten zijn eigen politieke partij op te richten die de door links en islamistische geliefde anti-Israël houding links laat liggen. Bader gaat voor de realistische toenadering van samenwerking, omdat hij weet dat er daardoor veel meer bereikt kan worden dan door de uitgekauwde en versleten "anti" houding van de huidige Arabische partijen.

In the next general election, there will be a new Arab party. But what is tentatively labeled the Israeli-Arab Nationalist Party will be very different from the current Arab factions in the Knesset.

While those factions’ MKs have been criticized for being too extreme and vocal in their criticism of the Jewish state, the new party will be unabashedly pro-Israel and take a very different approach.

“Most Arab citizens are in favor of coexisting, cooperating and living in harmony with Jewish Israelis,” the party’s founder, Sarhan Bader, told The Jerusalem Post. “The other Arab parties place too much emphasis on the Palestinians and external Arabs. But it’s more important to serve the Arabs inside Israel who want to live here in peace with our Jewish cousins. After we solve the problems of internal Arabs, we can help the Palestinians.”

“To serve the Arabs properly, it’s important to work together with the ruling party in the coalition,” he said. “The Druse MKs who are part of the coalition [in Likud, Yisrael Beytenu and the Independence Party] help their constituency a hundred times more than every Arab MK in the opposition. I will dramatically improve things for the Arab sector.”

“Only a strong party like Likud can bring peace,” he said. “It’s true historically.

The Left won’t bring peace. Labor never did anything for the Arab sector. It’s time to give a chance to the Right.”

Bader described the party as six months away from being ready.
Mocking the current Arab lawmakers again, he blasted their visits to Libya and Lebanon.

“They went to Gaddafi and called him a king to get money from him for a soccer stadium and a few months later they called him a murderer,” he said.

Zionistische Arabieren, het kan in Israël, de enige ware democratie in het Midden-Oosten