maandag 23 april 2012

Turkse islamisten weren Israël van NAVO-conferentie

De islamistische regering onder grootvizier Erdogan heeft ervoor gezorgd dat Israël wordt geweerd van de komende NAVO-conferentie in Chicago. Dit onder de eeuwige Turkse noemer dat Israël eerst excuses moet aanbieden voor het doden van de terroristische "vredesactivisten" op de Mavi Marmara.

De lievelingen van koningin Beatrix gingen zelfs zover de mede NAVO-partners onder druk te zetten wegens pogingen Israël tot de conferentie  toe te laten. Leest u even goed hoe de Turken hun positie gebruiken hun zin door te drijven.

Turkey’s blockage against Israel was brought to the table during the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels on April 18, the Daily News learnt. Some ministers of the allied countries including the United States, France and Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen indirectly criticized Turkey for bringing its bilateral problems with Israel to the NATO platform. Some ministers went so far as to vow to veto the participation of Egypt, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco and other partner countries in the activities of the Mediterranean Dialogue if Turkey continues to do so against Israel, something they called “a violation of NATO’s values.”

Criticism from Davutoğlu

In response to such statements, Davutoğlu harshly criticized his counterparts sitting around the same large table. “You are talking about being partners and partnership values. But partners, first of everything, should act like partners, so that we’ll treat them accordingly,” was the main message Davutoğlu delivered to his NATO colleagues. He elaborated:

- The army of a country which you call a partner killed our citizens upon a political order given by its administration. We do not call this kind of country a partner.

- Turkey evacuated from Israel not only Turks but citizens from many countries, after they were detained by Israeli forces due to Mavi Marmara incident. It also evacuated citizens of all nationalities from Libya and Syria without making distinction. Our expectation from all allied countries is to pay the same respect to our citizens as we do to yours.

- I assure you that Turkey will be the first country acting to protect the citizens of NATO countries in a similar incident. We believe in the notion of solidarity in NATO much more than the discrimination some of you have expressed.
De Turken weigeren toe te geven dat er terroristen aan boord waren. De Turken weigeren toe te geven dat Israël handelde volgens internationaal recht.

Leest u hier een gedeelte wat zich daadwerkelijk afspeelde op de Turkse terroristenboot. Een verslag van twee soldaten van de Israëlische speciale eenheid die aan boord gingen:
However, when A. and fellow Navy commandoes landed on the Mavi Marmara's deck, the above scenario shattered. And then, while sustaining the blows, A. felt a burning sensation piercing through his body. "At first, I didn't get it," he recounted this week for the first time. "I placed my hand on my stomach and didn't quite understand what was going on. Five seconds later I again placed my hand there, and felt my entire finger sinking in. All of that was happening while the terrorists were not letting go and fighting me."

And once you realized what hit you?

"I told myself: 'Damnit, I was hit by a live bullet.' I also got pissed off about it."

Nearby, A.'s comrade, Y., was also sustaining a severe beating. "My head was bruised and my left arm was hurt, because they pulverized it with their clubs," he recounted this week. "Then, at once, it happened. I switched my way of thinking – as they trained us to do – bent down to my calf, managed to pull out my handgun, and fired a bullet into the legs of each assailant."

Als er iemand zijn excuses moet aanbieden zijn het de Turken wel wegens het herbergen en ondersteunen van terroristen. Verder is het onvoorstelbaar dat de rest van de NAVO zwicht voor de chantage van de Turkse islamisten en als laatste toont het aan dat Turkije nooit en te nimmer aansluiting mag krijgen bij de EU.