donderdag 22 maart 2012

Netanyahu: Overal waar een Jood loopt wordt door deze moordenaars als bezet gebied beschouwd

De Israëlische minister-president Netanyahu,  vergezeld door de Franse ambassadeur te  Israël Cristoph Bigot, hebben de sjivve van de rouwende familieleden van de massamoord in Toulouse bezocht.

At the meeting with the parents and siblings of Miriam Monsonego, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “If they could have, these murderers would have murdered every Jew.” He added, “To think about little Miriam, who was murdered so brutally, this is awful. Bereavement is like disability; it is painful and debilitating, like a limb of one’s body has been cut off. We all pray that you will find the strength to deal with your pain.” The Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested to Miriam’s father, a school principal, that the school be named after the victims. At his meeting with Ava Sandler, who lost her husband and two children, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “Anywhere a Jew goes, these murderers regard it as occupied territory. The State of Israel was established to be a shield for the Jewish People.” The Prime Minister told her that the State of Israel would assist her in any way possible.