vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Moord door Mohammed toont kloof Islamitische en Joodse gemeenschap

Gematigde moslims laten zich intimideren door extremisten. Dat is een van de conclusies die je kunt trekken na de laffe moord door Mohammed in Toulouse.

"Don't tell me French Muslims appreciate Jews - 50 percent of them hate Jews," Rabbi Michel Sarfati told Haaretz on Thursday. 

The rabbi created the Jewish-Muslim friendship group and has traveled across France for several years preaching moderation. "Many hate Jews because extremist imams denigrate Jews in their sermons. 

They say we're Israel's puppets. Moderate Muslims try to fight this hatred, but they're being threatened, and they get no support from the state." 

 De kloof is diep:

"Look at the Internet forums - some extremist leaders criticize the Jews for getting sympathy after the killing," said Sarfati. Another member of the Jewish-Muslim friendship association was alarmed by Muslims who admire the killer. "To them Mohamed Merah is a hero. Unfortunately, that view isn't as rare as you'd think," he said.

The unease between communities is one of the reasons CRIF dropped out of Sunday's planned march against intolerance.

The group said it would take part in it at first, but on Tuesday when it was revealed the killer was an Islamist all associations dropped out of the rally, for different reasons.

"The killer has been located - there's no reason to march now," Prasquier said on French television on Wednesday night.

But CRIF sources said the group fears clashes between "communities." Some refer to frictions between young Jewish militants from the Jewish Defense League and Muslim militants from the northern suburbs around Paris. 

Zolang gematigde moslims zich laten bedreigen door de extremisten en zich niet uitspreken tegen de extremisten zal de situatie alleen maar verergeren, niet verbeteren. Pak de extremisten aan. Een probleem is dat extremisten precies weten wat hun recht is en daar maken zijn dankbaar misbruik van.