maandag 19 maart 2012

Franse autoriteiten denken aan moorden door extreem-rechts

De Franse autoriteiten zoeken de dader van de moorpartij in Toulouse en moord op Franse paratroepers in kringen van extreem-rechts.

According to some media reports, French authorities suspect that members of a French paratrooper division who were discharged for being affiliated with Neo-Nazi scene could be behind the attacks.

Ook in Israëk wordt er rekening mee gehouden dat extreem-rechts verantwoordelijk is voor de laffe moorden:

“I have a feeling that this murder and the previous murder of three French security personnel are connected to the sparking controversy as the time of the elections in France comes closer,” said Ben Simon (Labor), who chairs the Israeli-French Parliamentary Association, in a statement released on Monday evening. 

“Suddenly, the debate about foreigners and immigrants took center stage in the debate between the [political] right and the extreme right,” said Ben Simon, who was born on Morocco and speaks fluent French. “I wouldn’t be surprised if crazy people would take advantage of that ugly atmosphere to destroy the delicate fabric of life in the country.” 

Extreem-rechts is goed mogelijk, hoewel ik Al-Qaida Noord-Afrika nog steeds niet uitsluit voor de moorden.