maandag 19 maart 2012

Foto van moord verdachte Neo-nazi's Toulouse

Foto: EJP
De voormalige Franse paratroopers op de foto worden ervan verdacht de moorden te hebben gepleegd in het zuid-Franse Toulouse.

In their investigation of the fatal shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France on Monday, French police are hunting three soldiers who were sacked from the French army in 2008 over claims they were neo-Nazis.

De nazi-para's werden in 2008 het Franse leger uitgeknikkerd.
Hun wandaden waren al in 2006 bekend maar er werd toen geen actie ondernomen.

The French army opened an investigation after the weekly satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné published Wednesday a photo showing three paratroopers from Montauban in southern France doing a Nazi salute in front of a Nazi flag with a swastika. According to the paper, the army’s leadership ignored the soldier's neo-Nazi tendencies and even silenced a former captain in the uniy who had reported the events to his superiors several times since 2006.

The photo has been circulating in the unit for a long time. Jamel Benserhir, the officer in question, said he felt discriminated by the extreme-rightists. But while the three soldiers faced no consequences, his contract was not extended due to "emotional instability," the weekly said. Benserhir then decided to write directly to Defence Minister Hervé Morin and report about the facts. An army chief said two of the soldiers accused by Benserhir have been "immediately confined." The third is no more a member of the unit.