donderdag 22 maart 2012

Egypte wil eindelijk de blokkade van Gaza opheffen

Het werd tijd. Egypte wil eindelijk de blokkade van Gaza opheffen. Door de Egyptische blokkade was Gaza afgesloten van de buitenwereld. Dat Israël de grenzen stevig dicht houdt is normaal. Tenslotte willen de Gazaanse Palestijnse terroristen Israël vernietigen.

Egypt's Brotherhood eyes end to Gaza blockade.

"I want the crossing to open completely, so that whoever wants to travel from Gaza can come to Egypt," said Mahmoud Ghozlan, spokesman for the Brotherhood. "We support opening the crossing for import and export."

Hamas wants the same. "We are not happy with the tunnels," Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a Hamas leader from Gaza, told Reuters. For the Brotherhood, the first justification is moral. The Gaza blockade is one of the most emotive issues in the Arab world. There would also be an economic benefit for northern Sinai, one of the poorest parts of Egypt.

 For Israel, the idea does not appear a cause for concern.