dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Arabische lente: Israël is de grootste vijand van Egypte

Het nog niet invloedrijke Egyptische parlement toont de dingen die komen gaan wanneer zij echt invloed krijgen. De Salafisten en de Moslim Broeders willen terug naar een situatie van oorlog met Israël. Zoveel is ondertussen wel duidelijk:

The People’s Assembly, Egypt’s lower house, drafted a list of demands endorsed unanimously, calling for the deportation of the Israeli ambassador in Egypt, halting export of natural gas to Israel, and “reexamining” the Camp David peace accords with Israel.

“Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend or ally of the Zionist regime which we consider the primary enemy of Egypt and its Arab people,” read the unusually strong-worded statement. “[Egypt] will treat this entity as an enemy. The government is urged to reexamine its relations and agreements with this enemy.”

The Egyptian parliament, primarily composed of Islamist members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Nour parties, is significantly more hostile to Israel that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Egypt’s de-facto military rulers.

The parliamentary recommendations, elaborated in eight articles, also include extending aid to the Palestinians; adopting “all forms of resistance” against Israel; and urging the Arab League to oppose the Judaization of Jerusalem. The parliament also called on the Egyptian government to reexamine the country’s nuclear policy if Israel continues to refuse international inspection of its nuclear facilities.