donderdag 15 maart 2012

Aanslag op synagoge in Milan verijdeld = vrede

In Italië is een twintig jarige Marokkaanse man gearresteerd op verdenking van terrorisme.

De islamist was van plan de centrale synagoge van Milan op te blazen:

Brescia Police Chief Lucio Carluccio said anti-terrorism investigators identified the suspect from Internet traffic, including a Facebook page on how to assemble explosives and references in other contexts to holy war, or jihad, a term often used by Islamic extremists against the West.

The suspect had been under investigation for several months, but police moved to arrest him after noting that he was using a Google maps application to zoom in on areas around the synagogue in a way that suggested he was casing the security, not browsing casually, Carluccio said.

"There were a series of clicks to zoom on a police car, and to zoom on the anti-sabotage columns" placed outside the synagogue, Carluccio said.

Authorities confiscated two flags emblazoned with Nazi swastikas at the suspect's residence, along with computers, USB drives, detailed descriptions of how to build a car bomb and the quantities of chemicals needed to make an explosive, he said.

Naast de arrestatie in Milan werd gelijktijdig een vrouw in het Verenigd Koninkrijk aangehouden wegens medeplichtigheid.