donderdag 23 februari 2012

Iran gaat verder ondergronds

Terwijl de laffe Westerse leiders Israël in de uitverkoop doen, profiteert Iran voor de volle 100% Daar waar Westerse leiders alleen maar praten maar geen daden durven verrichten, doet Iran beide. Het praat veel in het nadeel van Israël en doet veel door haar kernwapenprogramma ondergronds verder uit te bouwen.

Diplomats: Iran "working toward full installation" of uranium enrichment centrifuges at underground facility, "the time when Iran's efforts to build a bomb will become immune to a strike is fast approaching.

Dat is de rode lijn voor Israël, in tegenstelling tot het verraderlijke regime van Obama wiens rode lijn is getrokken bij een paddenstoelwolk boven Tel Aviv.

Former United States ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton appeared on Fox News on Thursday, explaining why he believes that the upcoming meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama is going to be a “very unpleasant” one. He said it is “no accident” that the Unites States is sending senior officials to meet with Israeli leaders prior to the “crucial sit-down” between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu on March 5th. 

The visits of General Martin Dempsey, U.S. National Security Advisor Thomas Danilon, and Director of Intelligence Tom Clapper to the region, he said, are all unremitting attempts at dissuading Israel from attacking Iran. It is more like “an invasion plan of the United States invading Israel, as opposed to dealing with the real problem, which is Iran,” Bolton claimed.

 “The reason you see these top officials going to the region,” he continued, is that they are telling Prime Minister Netanyahu that he “better give President Obama the answer he wants to hear” during their upcoming meeting, which is that Israel will not attack Iran. “Netanyahu is not going to say that,” he said. “This is going to be a very unpleasant meeting between the two leaders when it occurs.“