maandag 20 februari 2012

Haaretz is ook wakker en meldt dat de Palestijnse TV terroristen verheerlijkt

Haaretz is er nu ook achter dat de Palestijnse TV onder auspiciën van de Palestijnse Autoriteit haat zaait waar het kan en wel zo breed mogelijk:

At certain moments, while watching a scene from a program broadcast by Palestinian television on October 25 of last year, it is difficult to believe that this is the official television channel of the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, and not that of Hamas or the Islamic Jihad.

And yet, the program in question features a "field report" by Palestinian television from Tulkarem, in order to relate the wonders of the master terrorist Abbas a-Said, who is jailed in Israel and was sentenced to 35 life sentences.

This is a man who was considered at the beginning of the previous decade the head of the military wing of Hamas in the town, and responsible for two of the harshest suicide bombings Israel has ever known, including the attack on the Park Hotel in Netanya and on the night of the Passover Seder in 2002.

The reporter, who works at a program dedicated to the families of prisoners, did not spare the superlatives: "We are outside the home of the warrior hero, the commander, the lion of the prison, Abbas a-Said."

And the play continues. The reporter turns to two freed women prisoners sitting in the house of a-Said and asks them: "How do you feel now that you are sitting in the house of the leader, the hero, the defeater of the enemy, the vanquisher of the prison and the lion of the investigation?"

Palestinian Media Watch, it should be noted, was recently mentioned as a right-leaning group which supplies the Prime Minister's Office information on Palestinian media. However, a closer look at both the book's findings and the broadcasts themselves reveals that, regardless of political inclination, the heads of Palestinian television are far from reaching out with a message of peace.

"There's no education toward peace," said Zilberdik in a conversation with Haaretz.

"The new Palestinian generation, who watches Palestinian television, does not hear that Tel Aviv or Ashkelon are Israeli cities. It hears about occupied cities that must be liberated. There is no discourse on compromise or concessions. In the Israeli media, on the other hand, one does see such discourse."

Zilberdik claims that the incitement in the Palestinian media is not revealed in the Israeli media, and certainly not in the international media. “The international community is not aware of the glorification of terrorists or Holocaust denial in the Palestinian media. It is easier to check whether there is building in the settlements than it is to track incitement on the side of the Palestinians. I do not identify with the right-wing in terms of politics. When I arrived in Israel from Denmark I voted for Meretz. But it is impossible to ignore what is happening in the Palestinian media. There is no education toward peace or even a discussion of such issues. The only thing that is heard is that they “will not give up.” That is all.”

Abed Rabo’s refused to respond to the allegations, as did journalists who work for Palestinian television.