donderdag 16 februari 2012

Ehud Barak: regime Assad valt binnen enkele weken

Minister van Defensie Ehud Barak verwacht dat het Syrische regime weinig overlevingskansen heeft.

Zijn inschatting maakt duidelijk waarom de IDF aan de Noordelijke grens op zijn hoede is voor een mogelijke escalatie met Syrisch troepen.

Israel’s concern hones in on recent reports that Assad is using nerve gas against the opposition. This has led Israel to reassess the possibility that Syria is might now be more willing to use chemical weapons against Israeli targets.

 Syria is believed to have one of the most extensive chemical weapon arsenals in the world that reportedly includes Sarin, VX and Mustard Gas. Israel’s is also considering the possibility that Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons will fall into terrorist hands. 

This stems from intelligence obtained by the West which indicates that advanced conventional military platforms have already been moved out of Syria by Hezbollah.

Assad is currently facing a revolution in his own country that he has sought to quell with brutal military force. Those bloody tactics have resulted in a good portion of the Syrian army joining the opposition, and Syria is nearing the point of full-scale civil war. 

The situation has prompted the Arab League and Western powers to consider injecting their own military forces into Syria with the aim of ending Assad's rule. But before that happens, Israeli military officials believe Assad would lash out at Israel, both to divert Arab attention on Syria's internal struggle and to establish a lasting legacy for himself.

Het wordt een gecompliceerde oorlog op meerdere fronten en meerdere tactieken.