woensdag 11 januari 2012

‘Virtual power plants’ for today’s electricity needs

Israel's Greenlet system helps households and power companies monitor electricity usage and even power down certain appliances to avoid brownouts.

Instead of creating additional polluting power plants, Greenlet helps power companies create virtual power plants.
With energy costs skyrocketing, consumers and utilities are looking for ways to save money. Israel's Greenlet may have just what they need: a system that lets consumers easily check on their electricity usage, and more importantly, lets the electric company actually regulate use of an appliance at the consumer's home or office.

"With Greenlet, utility companies can set up what amount to virtual power plants, allowing them to provide more energy, especially during peak hours, with less risk of brownouts or blackouts" says Liat Shenhav, Greenlet's product manager.

"In the past, the first response of many utilities to excess demand has been the construction of new power plants. But that is much harder today, since regulations are much tighter. Plus, oil and other fuel is more expensive."

Instead of adding capacity, Greenlet lets utilities easily manage the electricity they produce much more efficiently. With Greenlet, utilities can monitor - and micromanage - home energy use by keeping track of the power usage of home appliances plugged into the system.

‘Virtual power plants’ for today’s electricity needs