donderdag 17 november 2011

Hoe ziet de Israëlische aanval op Iran eruit?

Mooi analyse van Ynet op basis van Amerikaanse veilgheidsexperts over hoe Israël Iran kan aanvallen en haar doelen kan bereiken. Alles is zinspelen, dat is duidelijk, maar het artikel geeft een inzicht in hoe ver Israël is in technologie en het brengt de zwakke punten van Iran in kaart.

Niemand zal ontkennen dat Israël de klus uiteindelijk alleen zal moeten opknappen Iran van haar nucleaire ambities weg te leiden. Maar hoe gaat dat gebeuren:

According to the officials, one of the weapons Israel has developed is capable of mimicking a maintenance cell phone signal that commands a cell network to “sleep,” effectively stopping transmissions.

The Israelis also have jammers capable of creating interference within Iran’s emergency frequencies for first responders, they told the Daily Beast. The sources also said that in case of an attack on Iran, Israel would likely exploit a vulnerability that American officials detected two years ago in Iran's big-city electric grids, which are not “air-gapped”—meaning they are connected to the Internet and therefore vulnerable to a Stuxnet-style cyberattack.

One source told the Daily Beast that Israel has the capability to bring a denial-of-service attack to nodes of Iran’s command and control system that rely on the Internet. According to the report, the likely delivery method for the electronic elements of this attack would be a drone the size of a jumbo jet.
The Daily Beast said Israel had already employed some of the technology at its disposal during its alleged aerial attack on a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007. "Syrian military got a taste of this warfare when Israeli planes 'spoofed' the country’s air-defense radars, at first making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes," the report said.