maandag 21 november 2011

CIA vaart blind in Libanon

Door incompetentie en knullig optreden is de CIA zijn ogen en oren in Libanon kwijtgeraakt. Dit knullige optreden resulteert in de dood van agenten die voor de CIA werkzaam zijn. De CIA is teveel afgegaan op technoligie en en te weinig op de ogen en oren ter plaatse.

The Lebanon crisis is the latest mishap involving CIA counterintelligence, the undermining or manipulating of the enemy’s ability to gather information. Former CIA officials have said that once-essential skill has been eroded as the agency shifted from outmaneuvering rival spy agencies to fighting terrorists. In the rush for immediate results, former officers say, tradecraft has suffered. The most recent high-profile example was the suicide bomber who posed as an informant and killed seven CIA employees and wounded six others in Khost, Afghanistan in December 2009. Last year, then-CIA director Leon Panetta said the agency had to maintain “a greater awareness of counterintelligence.” But eight months later, Nasrallah let the world know he had bested the CIA, demonstrating that the agency still struggles with this critical aspect of spying and sending a message to those who would betray Hezbollah. The CIA was well aware the spies were vulnerable in Lebanon. CIA officials were warned, including the chief of the unit that supervises Hezbollah operations from CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., and the head of counterintelligence. It remains unclear whether anyone has been or will be held accountable in the wake of this counterintelligence disaster or whether the incident will affect the CIA’s ability to recruit assets in Lebanon.
Een slechte beurt voor de CIA, zeker nu met de huidige snel ontwikkelende situatie in Iran, Syrië en Libanon.