donderdag 25 november 2010

Een vijand is een vijand, zelfs wanneer hij Arabisch spreekt

''It doesn't matter if I am Jewish or not. I also live here and the soldiers of this country have protected me. I feel prouder to wear this uniform''

Voor veel mensen is het een schok wanneer ik hen vertel dat de IDF multi-religieus is. Druzen, Joden, christenen en moslims dienen in de IDF. Diensplichtig en vrijwillig. Een goed voorbeeld van deze multi-religieuze eenheid is de Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion. Soldaten vanuit heel Israel dienen in deze eenheid. De eenheid is gespecialiseerd in gevechten in de woestijn maar kan zeker ook in verstedelijkt gebied uit de voeten. De eenheid is in 1987 opgericht en heeft actie gezien in Gaza.

Haani explains that “Dilemmas disappear with time, and you learn to love the land and the society. Before all else, I look at my country. An enemy is an enemy and it doesn’t matter whether he speaks Arabic like I do
Het meest treffende verhaal over de BDRB volgt hieronder:
Near the tent encampment sits Corporal Mamdouh Dahir. He is smoking a cigarette and the moment he opens his mouth I am surprised by his accent. Mamdouh is a Bedouin Arab-Muslim, but unlike the rest of the battalion’s soldiers, he grew up among Jews his whole life and at one time did not even know Arabic fluently. He did not join the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion in order to be integrated into the Israeli society, but rather the opposite: “I wanted to join the Givati or Golani Brigade like the rest of my classmates; I was dying to get in just like them. Because of my ethnic origin, I passed by the offices of the Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion during recruitment where they briefed me and I was very impressed. I decided it was an opportunity for me to learn a bit about my religion and learn how to speak Arabic. At first, people here thought I was showing off with my accent in Hebrew and then they realized that this is what I know.”
Alleen in Israël....