dinsdag 13 juli 2010

A message to our Arab speaking readers

The road to peace is the only way forward. How to achieve peace is a different matter altogether. let's forget about land and religion. Let's talk mindset for a minute. Israel has a right to exist. An ancient people returned to their ancient land. The land that belonged and will belong to the Jewish people. It is time to recognise each other needs and look at each others strength and weaknesses, but from a positive point of view. Let the past be the past. The cost of lives is irreplaceable and their memories will always be. Both sides suffered losses, again peace is the only way forward. let's establish peace from mutual respect for each other cultures, religions and political structures. The differences between Arabs and Jews are less than one will suspect. We are cousins. Take it or leave it. This family quarrel must come to an end. Lets learn from each other an put that knowledge into a plan of action to establish a long lasting peace, because a vast majority wants peace. Let our voices be heard. Don't get bullied by the extremists who have their own political agenda. Let's work together to prosperity for the whole region. With Israel as a knowledge centre and the Arab countries with their resources in people and the natural treasures, the Middle-East could bloom into the biggest and strongest economical power. It's just a question of seeing things from a different perspective and putting your mind to it. It is possible my friends, it's just a change of mindset.