maandag 3 mei 2010

Israned: restaurant spotter

h/t Israeli Soldier

Vegetarisch. Een van de best bewaarde geheimen van Tel Aviv dit vegetarische Indische restaurant met de exotische naam 24 Rupee op 14-16 Rehov Shoken.

 24 Rupee brings Indian food to South Tel Aviv at very affordable prices.

24 Rupee is situated at 14-16 Shoken Street, in South Tel Aviv. Passersby would be forgiven for not noticing this gem of a restaurant, nestled between motorbike shops and warehouses. However, this is certainly a place to check out if you enjoy authentic, well-priced and very tasty Indian food.
There are two levels of 24 Rupee. As you climb the staircase, with colourful framed photographs adoring the walls, there is an interior room to the right.It is cosy, and furnished in comfortable chairs and cushions for sitting on the floor to dine.
There is also a rooftop area, which is perfect during the summer, allowing patrons to feast on Indian food in the open air.
Whether dining indoors or outdoors, traditional Indian music is piped in the background. It is necessary to remove your shoes before sitting down, which simply adds to the relaxed atmosphere.