zaterdag 2 januari 2010

De negatieve effecten van de Egyptische blokkade

De Egyptische blokkade van Gaza heeft grote economische consequenties aan beide zijden van de grens.
the construction has significant economic implications, including a risk to profits for the tunnel smugglers from both sides. This point is causing anger against the construction at the Rafah border also among the Bedouin residents of the Sinai, who fear that they will lose an easy source of income they have enjoyed since Hamas came to power.
Wanneer u zich af zou vragen hoeveel geld er gemoeid is met deze smokkel is het antwoord;
According to evidence collected by the newspaper, in recent years thousands of young Egyptians have earned a living directly or indirectly through smuggling into Gaza, a trade valued at a little under a billion dollars.
Wanneer Egypte de grenspost opent kan Egypte geld verdienen op de goederen die nu belastingvrij de Gazastrook worden binnengesmokkeld. Die inkomsten kunnen lokaal worden geïnvesteerd om de armoede en werkloosheid terug te dringen en met geluk denkt Mubarak daar ook zo over;
Rafah residents claim that the steel now being put into place by Egyptian engineers will compel President Hosni Mubarak to contend with increasing unemployment and frustration in the Sinai. This may lead Mubarak to open a regulated border crossing at Rafah, something he has opposed till now due to Hamas' insistence on keeping Fatah representatives out.